The Skyline GTR, an epitome of automotive prowess, blends power, precision, and prestige. Explore its prices and specifications below and unleash the thrill of the open road.


  • Base Model: Starting at $80,000
  • Premium Edition: Priced from $95,000
  • Limited Edition: Rarely available, inquire for pricing



  • V6 Twin-Turbocharged Engine
  • Displacement: 3.8 Liters
  • Power Output: Up to 600 horsepower
  • Torque: 480 lb-ft

skyline gtr


  • 0-60 mph: Under 3 seconds
  • Top Speed: Exceeds 200 mph
  • Handling: Precision-engineered for hairpin turns and straight-line acceleration


  • 6-Speed Dual-Clutch Automatic Transmission
  • Seamless gear shifts for uninterrupted power delivery


  • Aerodynamic design for optimal downforce and stability
  • Sleek lines, aggressive stance, and iconic GTR badge


  • Luxurious cabin with premium materials
  • High-tech infotainment system with touchscreen display
  • Racing-inspired seats for ultimate comfort and support

Safety Features:

  • Advanced traction control system
  • High-performance braking system with ABS
  • Adaptive cruise control for enhanced driving experience


  • Personalize your Skyline GTR with optional upgrades and accessories
  • Tailor your driving experience to match your unique style and preferences

skyline gtr


Stay connected and in control with cutting-edge technology features.

  • Base Model: 10-inch touchscreen, smartphone integration
  • Performance Edition: Heads-up display, advanced driver-assistance systems
  • Limited Edition Black Series: 360-degree camera system, performance telemetry


The Skyline GTR is not just a car; it’s a statement. Elevate your driving experience with a perfect blend of power, performance, and style. Choose the model that suits your taste and hit the road in a machine that’s as bold and dynamic as you are.

Experience the legend. Own the Skyline GTR today.


Q: Is the Skyline GTR only for speed enthusiasts?

A: Absolutely not! While designed for high-performance, the Skyline GTR offers a comfortable and stylish ride for anyone who appreciates automotive excellence.

Q: Can I customize the exhaust sound?

A: Indeed! The Skyline GTR offers customizable exhaust modes, allowing you to tune your soundtrack for the road.

Q: What’s the inspiration behind the Limited Edition design?

A: Each Limited Edition is crafted with inspiration from iconic moments in automotive history, making it a unique collector’s item.

Q: Does it have a secret driving mode?

A: Yes, it does! The Skyline GTR features a hidden “Beast Mode” for those who crave an extra surge of power and performance.

Q: Can I track my Skyline GTR’s performance on my smartphone?

A: Absolutely! The car comes equipped with a smart app that lets you monitor performance metrics, schedule maintenance, and even locate your parked beast.

Q: Are there any hidden compartments for storage?

A: Yes, there’s a secret compartment for your adrenaline. Just kidding, but there’s ample storage space for your essentials.

Q: Is the Skyline GTR suitable for long road trips?

A: Indeed, it is! The plush interiors and advanced suspension make it a comfortable cruiser for those epic road adventures.

Q: What’s the rarest color option available?

A: The Limited Edition Skyline GTR offers an exclusive “Midnight Aurora” color, only available for the fortunate few.

Q: Can I join a Skyline GTR owners’ club?

A: Absolutely! Owners are automatically inducted into the “Skyline Society,” organizing exclusive events, races, and a sense of community.

Q: Does it come with a built-in espresso machine?

A: As much as we’d love that, unfortunately, no. But you can enjoy a thrilling drive to your favorite coffee spot!

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